Newspaper, magazine

Collection of newspapers and magazines designed for Himati, the official student publication of UP Mindanao, from January 2011 until July 2013, as interim layout editor (2010-2011), creative director (2011-2012), and layout director (2013) for the said publication.

The main creative challenge between releases was the conformity of layout design to the news and/or editorial theme between issues, by adapting minimalism in layout design, and emphasis on photography in delivering content and negative space in sectioning news entries, a far cry from the earlier releases which were text-heavy and visually cluttered.

As a result, readership numbers signifcantly increased between each release, and web versions were also released in the form of downloadable PDFs to cater non-UP Mindanao readers such as alumni, internal and external institutions of the UP System, and students from other academic centers.

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